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Braided packings

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A compression seal fitting is a sealant which is widely used in stuffing boxes as a sealant for pumps and valves, primarily to stem liquids. Amongst the properties of compression seal fittings are high elasticity and good heat transfer. Because of its great flexibility, this sealant can be adapted easily to the stuffing box casing. In addition, this sealant provides excellent resistance to fluids with a high percentage of solid materials and abrasive media. This means that they are ideally suited for use with liquid pumps, agitators and valves.

Compression seal fittings from Seaco Group BV

Seaco Group BV has a wide range of quality brand compression seal fittings in stock for a diversity of applications. For example, we have diagonally braided packing from expanded flexible graphite as a basic material, reinforced if necessary with Inconel mesh. In addition, we have packings of expanded PTFE yarns with mineral filler particles, impregnated if necessary with lubricants. Packing manufactured from Gore® material also performs excellently. Some of these packings are also available in pre-pressed rings and, depending on the temperature, have a range of up to 650 ⁰C. Each sealant has its own unique property, but can be used universally. With regard to dynamic sealants, aside from the medium, pressure and temperature, the rotational speed, surface roughness and tolerances of the axle and the packing chamber also play a big role in choosing the right sealant. In addition, developments such as fugitive emissions, for minimising the emissions of hazardous substances, are playing an increasingly more important part in the selection of packings. Seaco group will be only too happy to help you make the right choice.

Compression seal fittings for all markets

Seaco Group BV delivers FDA permitted sealants intended for the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, we have sealants in a low-emission version, in conformity with EPA method 21, which are highly suited for use in the chemical, oil & gas and process industries, but also for applications such as the shipbuilding, paper, sugar, petrochemical and fertiliser industries. In fact in all situations where the emission of hazardous substances needs to be restricted.