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Synthetic fibre sheets

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Synthetic fibre sheets
Development of synthetic fibre sheeting continued after the demise of asbestos and is widely used in combination with graphite, glass fibre, various types of rubber and/or synthetic fibre, to create strong but soft sealants. Synthetic fibre sheet sealants are highly versatile and put to use in applications in manufacturing (OEM), the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry and the oil & gas industry. This sealant has a wide range of uses and has a good chemical resistance. The sheets are treated with an anti-stick layer as a result of which the sealant is easier to remove after use without sticking to the flange. This sealant is available in both DIN and ANSI sizes.

Depending on the type of synthetic fibre sealant, it may or may not have approvals and certifications, such as DIN-DVGW, BS 7531 Grade X or Y, Firesafe in line with BS5146, BAM for use with oxygen, KTW, SVGW, TA-Luft, FDA compliant, WRAS or Germanischer Lloyd.

If the sealing ring has a metal inner ring (Bördelring), it can be certified for UVV61 for better blow-out protection, much in demand for gas sealants.

Sealants from synthetic fibre sheeting can be manufactured in-house by Seaco group in any size you wish. Have our product specialist advise you on what choice to make.

Wide range of materials
We have a wide range of synthetic fibre sheeting from all premium brands: Teadit, Frenzelit, Reinz, Klinger and Flexitallic are all in stock.

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