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Corporate Social Responsibility

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For Seaco Group BV, CSR is also about doing business with social accountability. We do this in various ways. Staff, for example, can fall back on management with a human face. In addition, when taking on new staff, Seaco Group BV pays special attention to candidates otherwise disadvantaged on the labour market. This may initially give rise to a need for extra supervision, but in the long run helps bring about greater commitment and cohesion. For Seaco Group BV therefore, doing business also means offering people opportunities.

By producing as efficiently as possible, using our warehouse to optimum effect (e.g. shuttle system) and acting prudently (e.g. shipments once a day only), we pay close attention to our energy obligations.

Last but not least, Seaco group is happy to support initiatives facilitated by local businesses and is willing to help out itself. For example, sponsorship of local sports clubs so that kids get a chance to play sports together.

But internationally too, Seaco Group BV is doing its bit by supporting projects in which coffee farmers and their families are able to shape their own futures with improved facilities, education programmes and harvests and, together with like-minded entrepreneurs, Seaco group helps to ensure that their goals are effectively attained.