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Metallic gaskets and semi-metallic gaskets

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Metallic gaskets and semi-metallic gaskets

Metallic and semi-metallic gaskets are both popular and reliable forms of gaskets which can be used for a diversity of applications, especially in high-pressure and/or high-temperature environments. Seaco group is Europe’s largest stockist and can ensure prompt delivery of these sealing products. This product group consists of a number of different products, including:

– Spiral-wound gaskets

– Ring-type-joint gaskets

– Kammprofile (grooved) gaskets

– Tanged graphite gasket sheet

– Metal-jacketed gasket

Metallic gaskets

Metallic gaskets are manufactured from a combination of metals to the desired size and shape. Commonly used metallic gaskets are of the ring-type-joint (RTJ) type. These gaskets are designed to work by ”initial line contact” or a wedging action between the flange and the gasket. There are four basic types which can be used depending on the desired flanges and bolts. A major supplier of metallic gaskets is Flexitallic.

These gaskets are manufactured to a high level of precision and are available in a variety of materials. Seaco group keeps stocks of RTJs in the following materials:

Soft iron AISI 304 AISI 316 AISI 316L
Low-carbon steel AISI 312 AISI 347 Alloy 825
F5 steel Duplex S31803

In general, these gaskets are capable of working at temperatures of between -250°C and 950°C and pressures of between 50 and 1500 bar. The gaskets are available in both ASME and DIN sizes. All gaskets have a high gas density and as long as they are properly installed, they provide problem-free, safe and reliable sealing.

Semi-metallic gaskets

Semi-metallic gaskets are made from a combination of metallic and non-metallic components. The metallic element is intended to give strength and elasticity, whilst the non-metallic part provides formability and sealing qualities. Commonly used semi-metallic gaskets include spiral-wound, camprofile (grooved) gaskets and tanged graphite sheet gaskets.

The metallic part is usually supplied in AISI 316L, but can also be supplied in other