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Vibration control

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Vibration control

In addition to a wide range of sealants and gaskets, Seaco Group BV also has vibration control damping products in stock which are available in many forms, in thicknesses from 10 mm to 20 mm, but also as material that’s self-adhesive on one side. The quality of these vibration dampers has a proven vibration control track record. Just some of the qualities: large temperature range, durability and versatility. The temperature range, for example, is between -60 ⁰C and 175 ⁰C; the application of cork means that our vibration dampers are exceptionally durable and they are suitable for both internal and external sources of noise. They are often used in applications that use oil, given that our vibration dampers are oil-resistant.

Seaco Group vibration control dampers
Seaco Group BV has invested in its own in-house production facilities, which means we can produce customer-specific gaskets. Thanks to our quick production turnarounds, we can deliver non-standard items within hours, rather than days or weeks. This means we can provide you with customised solutions and designs.

Other materials that our machinery is able to cut includes: fibre sheeting, graphite sheets with or without inlay, rubber sheets with inlay, synthetic sheets such as modified PTFE, Thermiculite sheets and cork-rubber sheets.