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Modified ptfe gaskets and sheets

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Modified PTFE gaskets and sheets

PTFE, otherwise known as teflon, is a plastic with the lowest coefficient of friction and can resist very high temperatures of up to 260°C. It is the ideal sealant for less even flanges. Different materials are combined with PTFE powder which serves as a filling and which improves the quality of the gasket. For example: a silica filling, barium sulphate or a full PTFE core with a soft microcell of expanded PTFE.

Modified PTFE gaskets supplied by Seaco group
Seaco Group BV has a wide range of modified PTFE gaskets in stock. Flexitallic is our most important supplier. Our gaskets are available in thicknesses of 0.75 to 6.4 mm, with a pH range of 0 – 14 and a maximum pressure range of 85 bar. Our modified PTFE gaskets have been Ta-Luft certified, meet the FDA requirements and are available with WRAS and DVWG approval.

Modified PTFE gaskets for the (petro-)chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry
Modified PTFE gaskets are resistant to almost any chemical and able to withstand strong acids and alkalis. As a result, these gaskets are put to highly versatile use in the (petro-)chemical industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, but also in drinking water installations. Seaco Group BV can also deliver modified PTFE sealants which are suitable for oxygen applications which conform to the BAM requirements.

In-house production of modified PTFE gaskets
Seaco Group BV has invested in it own in-house production facilities, which means we can produce customer-specific gaskets. Thanks to our quick production turnarounds, we can deliver non-standard items within hours, rather than days or weeks.
Our machinery is able to cut the following materials: fibre sheet, graphite sheets with or without inlay, rubber sheets with inlay, plastic sheets such as modified PTFE, Thermiculite sheets and cork-rubber sheets.