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Flange insulation sets

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Flange insulation sets and monolithic welding joints

Seaco Group BV supplies an extensive range of high-quality flange insulation sets and sections available in a variety of materials and in all sizes.

A flange insulation set is designed to protect against galvanic and cathodic, but also stray-current corrosion. These flange insulation sets provide a cheaper solution for reducing potential differences, guarantee high-quality, long-lasting protection and can be quickly and easily fitted.

Monolithic joints are intended to effectuate permanent electrical insulation between pipelines and are welded into the pipe. The joints provide a safe, high-quality solution for reducing potential differences, ensure long-lasting protection and can be used at up to a maximum of 1,400 bar.

Flange insulation sets

Seaco Group BV has flange insulation sets from Flexitallic, in high-pressure and fire-safe versions which meet API 6B and Nace guidelines. Our flange insulation sets provide protection to every kind of possible joint from corrosion, are suitable for use above and below the ground and are available for use with different types of flange. All this means is that these sets are ideal in situations where flammable and hazardous substances and gases are used. In conformity with ASTM D149a, the dielectric strength of the insulation set depends on the material being used and varies from 6.1 KV/mm to 9.8 KV/mm. The maximum temperature that can be used is 250⁰C.

Monolithic welding joints

Pipe insulation welding joints are used widely in the offshore and (petro-)chemical industry. The joints are supplied as ready-made elements and can be welded into the pipeline. The monolithic joints have been 100% electrically tested at 1.5 to 5 KV/min, full welding inspection WA-WB-WC in accordance with ASME IX and coated both internally and externally. As a standard, these monolithic welding joints are supplied in the ASME 2” to 48” range in the pressure classes 150, 300 and 600. The standard maximum temperature is 80⁰C. Special versions are available to order up to a maximum of 150⁰C. Monolithic joints are also available in various steel and stainless steel materials.

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