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High-quality cork-rubber gaskets

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High-quality cork-rubber gaskets

Seaco Group BV stocks the leading brands of high-quality cork-rubber gaskets, available in all sizes and shapes. They are available from stock in both ANSI and DIN versions.

A cork-rubber gasket is made from a soft sealant which has high elasticity and is primarily suited to low temperatures. The pressure range of these gaskets is up to 200 bar. A cork-rubber gasket is a composite sealant and is made from cork with a rubber additive. Various materials can be used for this purpose, including nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber or silicone rubber (VQM).

Rubber gaskets for the energy industry

With the properties that cork-rubber gaskets have, this means that they are ideally resistant not only to mineral and silicon oils, but also to transformer oils. In addition, these Seaco group gaskets are extremely suitable for electric insulation, are often used as a bush and sleeve-insulation gasket, can be ideally applied to flanges with uneven surfaces and can be put to manifold uses in existing installations. We also supply cork-rubber gaskets which are suitable for higher temperatures. This means that, with its range of cork-rubber gaskets, Seaco Group BV is the supplier par excellence when it comes to the energy industry.

Of course, these gaskets can also be ordered via our webshop.

Cork rubber gaskets for vibration control

In-house production of rubber gaskets

Seaco Group BV has invested in its own in-house production facilities, which means we can produce customer-specific gaskets. Thanks to our quick production turnarounds, we can deliver non-standard items within hours, rather than days or weeks.

Our machinery is able to cut the following materials: fibre sheet, graphite sheets with or without inlay, rubber sheets with inlay, plastic sheets such as modified PTFE, Thermiculite sheets and cork-rubber sheets.